20 Years of MSC

At Greenland Seafood we are conscious of our responsibility for people and nature. That is why we continuously work within the framework of possibilities open to us, make improvements in the areas of society, the conditions for our employees as well as protect the environment and climate.

Participating in the 20 years anniversary of MSC makes us pleased and proud to be part of the MSC label programme for over 10 years by now with the main objective to safeguard and preserve our seas from overfishing. Indeed, as a company in the fish industry it is our greatest interest that the resources of the ocean are sustainably stewarded, making possible in the future to provide the next generations with a valuable source of protein.

Environment is therefore part of our daily agenda and we contribute to the conservation of biodiversity and protect marine resources through targeted actions such as:

  • Supporting responsible handling of fish populations in our sustainable management and purchasing strategy.
  • Not purchasing any fish from illegal fishing, by-catches and catch volumes as means of fighting illegal fishing and make sure of this by obtaining IUU certificates.Controlling the documentation of products from MSC fisheries from the catch to the consumer’s plate.
  • Applying additional safety requirements and check compliance with them through our own or independent audits.Tracing the fish raw material back to the main catching areas and sub-catching areas and therefore identify the catch period as well as the ship’s name or name of the fishing fleet.
  • Working on labeling our products with additional useful consumer information ongoing beyond the legally required information in order to further increase transparency with respect to the fish raw materials used.

As a consequence, our product sales under the MSC blue label reach today over 60% of our total group sales, making our company an expert and partner to rely on. Indeed, we can help you support changes in your supplies to a more sustainable offer and assortment or secure your actual supplies while proposing fish-based products that meet consumers’ demand on wild catch, transparency and sustainability.

Fish-based recipes from sustainable fisheries

Fiskbaserade recept från hållbart fiske

Fiskburgare med citron, fetaost och rödlök

Tonfiskpizza med potatis, ruccola och oliver

Torsktacos med syrlig rödkålssallad och ärttzatziki