Cornflakes breading

The trendy crispy eating experience with cornflake bits shows in how many various ways fish can be presented. The breading is a real eyecatcher on the plate and is in perfect perfect harmony with the juicy fish core.
The products in cornflakes breading are available as a pre-fried and as a non-pre-fried variant.

Potato breading

Our experienced development team continuously works on high-class products, which are quick,  easy and reliable in preparation. Fish with any kind of potato side-dish is a popular combination in every kitchen. A breading of fine crispy potato stripes, potato flour and potato starch coats the fish directly and  is however a new taste experience.

The products in potato breading are golden brown pre-fried for preparation in the oven/convection oven.

Breading à la Meunière

This kind of preparation is well-known and very common in gastronomy, as the fish gets a crispy thin coating. The breading has a fine citrus note and is traditionally refined with parsley. Our modern technology allows us to apply this premium coating to different product forms like portion fillets, fish fingers and jumbo fingers.

The products are pre-fried for oven/convection oven preparation.